The conditioner unit


Essential for the temperature control, the wine cellar conditioner is a precious tool to avoid excessive temperature variations (recommended temperature 10oto 14oC). Contrarily to residential air conditioners that dry’s out the air by rejecting the humidity outside, the wine cellar conditioner needs to preserve the natural level of humidity by re-injecting the humidity inside the cellar (recommended humidity level 50% to 80%). From the French manufacturerEUROCAVE, we recommend the INOA. Specially equipped with the patterned technology ‘’Neofresh’’, which was specially developed for wine cellar use, those one piece units are easy to install and will preserved the natural humidity level the cellar.

To optimise the performance of the conditioner, install it, where possible, along the length of the room.


In order to ensure the air tightness of the cellar, use a door frame equipped with adjustable spring weather-stripping. Insulated cored and a minimum insulation factor of R-16 is what we recommend. If you prefer a glass door we recommend you choose one with thermal and UV resistant glass. To manage and restrained the access to the wine cellar don’t forget to install a lock.

For maximum security choose a tempered glass.

Lightning system

To avoid unnecessary temperature variation, we recommend to choose a low heat emission lightning system such as LED light. Avoid fluorescent light due to they high heat emission. We also recommend the use of dimmer.

Racking system

A wide variety of racking system are available on the market today. From individual racking system to bulk stacking system they can be made in metal, terra-cotta and mostly commercialised in wood. Available in a wide range of species such as Redwood, Mahogany, Cherry and much more. When purchasing make sure it can well resist to a high level of humidity, ask for what kind of stain nor lacquer was used and finally that it is a odourless product.

Réf. Richard Bourgault / Martin Landry        * Source : Natural ressources