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Based on your needs, available space and preference we will find the most suitable solution to realise your project. Many factors should be taken into consideration. Our goal is to help you with the guidance to make the best decision and the must beautiful wine cellar for your home. We will meet at you residence to offer you the best solutions and recommendations.


Conception and design

Since each home is unique, the design is an essential step. For all our projects we try to balance the space, the look and the practical side to achieve optimal results. To help you visualize the final result, your wine cellar layout could be view in 3D. Your own personalized wine cellar  is than built  with your choice of material and finish.


Have one of our designer  work with you directly at your home  to create your wine cellar with the ideal environment  to mature your wines. Watch the project taking place in front of your eyes. The next best step will be stocking your wine cellar with your most prized wines bottles , relax and enjoy.